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Natural Enhancement

A natural breast augmentation can be achieved using smaller or anatomically shaped implants. These types of implants can produce an improved breast profile that still appears natural and conservative.

Voluptuous Breasts

A prominent breast profile can be accomplished with larger, rounder implants. These types of breast implants typically result in an eye-catching and sensuous breast appearance.

Shape and Texture

Breast implants are designed in both round and anatomical shapes. Anatomical implants create a natural breast slope and shape, but they require longer incisions and can appear distorted if they shift in the breast pocket.

Breast Implant Considerations

When preparing for breast augmentation, women have to make many decisions regarding their procedure.

One of the most important decisions involves the implant type and size that will meet their expectations. The process of choosing the perfect breast implants allows patients to have a completely customized breast augmentation procedure that is specific to their unique figure and personal preference.

Dr. Gabriel Chiu works closely with each of his breast augmentation patients to select the optimal breast implants that will result in the most desirable breast appearance.