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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Small improvements in the look of the eyelids have a magnified effect because of the large difference eyelids make to the overall look of a face. If you are contemplating having only one part of your face corrected, then eyelid surgery will be the most effective.


Many patients feel that their eyebrows are set too low and that this gives them a 'closed eye' appearance, which is often betrayed as unhappy, mean or tired looking. The descent of the outer part of the brow is also one of the first signs of ageing in the face making the browlift a vital procedure for improving the appearance of the brow.


Often referred to as facial rejuvenation or rhytidectomy, this surgical procedure is designed to correct signs of ageing by repositioning the support structures of the face and then re-draping the skin. A facelift operation is particularly good for an aesthetic improvement to the jawline and neck, and is usually carried out under general anaesthetic.

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Changing the shape or reducing the size of the nose is a common operation and was one of the first cosmetic procedures performed at the turn of the century. It is, however, extremely delicate surgery where millimetres count and nowhere more is the surgeon's skill put to the test nor are the results more obvious.


Lipofilling plays a valuable role in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery given its ability to fill small and large volume deficiencies. In lipofilling, often referred to as liposculpture or fat transfer, fat cells are harvested from a donor site on the patient's body (typically the abdomen, thighs or bottom) and are re-injected in multiple small quantities at a new site. The use of a patient's own body fat to fill and sculpt tissues can assist in producing a more natural look and is commonly used within Mr Harris' practice in conjunction with a facelift procedure.